Saturday, November 18, 2006

Where's Harry Reid?

Can someone tell me why Harry Reid wasn't in Utah at least a couple of times stumping for Pete Ashdown?

Wouldn't have that provided a boost to his campaign? It would have provided headlines and news stories and really boosted his visibility. Harry Reid is a prominent Democrat and a Mormon. Wouldn't his presence on this campaign field forced people around here to challenge their zealous, religous ideals and think about their candidates?

I mean, let's be honest, I think there were plenty of people who voted for Orrin Hatch even though they didn't like him because they were forced into beleiving that Republican = Mormon Values. Could one appearance from Harry Reid where he talked, however briefly, about the intersection of his faith and his politics swayed things just a little bit for the Ashdown camp?

Now, I'm not accusing the Pete Ashdown camp of not trying. I don't know if they tried to get him or not. I would like to beleive they did.

But if they did, why didn't Harry Reid make a trip to Utah?

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Stenar said...

Because Democrats assumed Hatch was a foregone conclusion.

I think, however, that Hatch is very beatable if someone would actually run a proper campaign.

Pete Ashdown had no clue. He hired his best friend's wife, with no campaign experience, to be his campaign manager. You don't win campaigns with non-efforts like that.