Thursday, December 21, 2006


Move over Chuck Norris. Bush kills way more people in his little action movie.

This Blog Post States The Obvious.

I've been following the recent developments of the new Iraq Study Group's report saying that basically the war in Iraq is a God-awful mess and that Bush has utterly and completely screwed up everything.

Bush is now on some kind of humble defensive saying that he's now "willing to listen" to what I can only describe as common sense.

But the facts that have come out over the past few years have exposed George Bush as a stubborn-headed liar and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. Wow, that bears repeating. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES have been lost. And for what? For what purpose did they die for?

I'll answer that question: They died because that's how the story goes.

Yes, the story that Bush has been writing since day one. It's about a lone crusader who battles the forces of evil with a merciless and endless amount of guns and ammo. A kind of Die Hard John McClane character who stands up to opposition and bombs the shit out the bad guys. There's a lot of blood involved. A LOT OF BLOOD.

John McClane About To Fuck Up Some Sunnis

And then there's more hard-cock talk like "Let's smoke 'em out" and "Bring 'em on." And there's at least a dozen times when someone says "Yippee Kayay, Mother Fucker" right before they blow someone's brains out. And then, once this fearless hero seems victorious and everything is about to end, the bad guys double and triple and quadruple their forces and start kicking some serious ass. Good guys start dropping like flys. And all of a sudden, you're reading this story and thinking, "Jesus Christ, I thought Bruce Willis' character was supposed to be the one who won."

And then it hits you.

This isn't a story. For God's sake, this isn't a story.

But we've been told this story over and over and over again by it's author, George W. Bush. A cleverly crafted story right out of a Hollywood action movie or a Tom Clancy novel.

But the only difference is that when someone dies in Bruce Willis, they don't really die. When someone gets all blown up in a Tom Clancy novel, they don't really die. Because they're just fictional characters. And that's the story Bush has wanted us to hear. A fictional one. One where people don't really die and where things don't really go THAT wrong. In the end, the "good guys" win.

Action Figure George Bush about to stab and shoot Saddam Hussein.

Well, the story is ending. The Iraq Study Group's report sheds a strong light on the realities of the war and it's origin. It's a real bitch-slap of reality. As it stands:

2,957 US Troops have been fucking killed.
22,235 US Troops have been injured in combat.
100,000+ Iraqi Civilians have been fucking killed.

In George Bush's action movie, women aren't just unharmed sex objects.
They get their fucking legs blown off

One Study Group Panel Member said: "The situation in Iraq is very grave. We do not know if it can be turned around..."

George Bush's story telling is over, folks. If he wanted to, he should have written a actual novel about his war fantasies instead of trying to convince the world that the story was real. But he did anyways, and now more and more of the world is discovering that he a delusional liar with apocalyptic visions of action movie victory.

It's like Stephen Glass in the movie "SHATTERED GLASS". A true story, Glass writes these series of AMAZING stories for THE NEW REPUBLIC magazine and is heralded as brilliant and a superior journalist.

But, an independent team of journalists dig into his stories and found out that most, if not all, of his printed works were utterly and completely fabricated. His colleagues at THE NEW REPUBLIC are baffled and approach Glass on the allegations.

Glass tries and tries to create more lies to cover up his previous lies, but in the end, everything comes unraveled. Stephen Glass is exposed as a national fraud and his life falls apart. He becomes dreadfully suicidal, realizing that the fantasy world he's been living in is suddenly crumbling.

I hope and pray that the Iraq Study Group's report is the beginning of the end of this absurdity of a war. I hope more and more of Bush's lies will come out. And when they do, I hope we as a nation have enough patriotism to tear him down. Tear him down to that which he fears the most, reality.

Because this can not stand. This war. These lies. It can't stand. Not anymore. Even John McClane wouldn't let this happen. He'd be throwing grenades at the White House covered in camouflage paint.

And that's how the story goes...

"John McClane killed my parents and now I'm covered in their own blood!"


rare earth said...

hey steve, what's the deal with you always plagiarizing stuff from other blogs? (I guess you do add your obvious juvenile color to it)

I'm not saying I don't agree with much of what you say, but you might want to work on forming some of your own ideas.


Steven Greenstreet said...

rare earth, what the fuck are you talking about?

you didn't even tell me what blog I was supposedly plagiarizing.

so go fuck yourself real hard


Anonymous said...

Jeez, settle down Steven!

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and so I'm sure those other blogs are cool with you "borrowing" so much material.

Karel Donk, for instance, will be tickled that you are copying most of his ideas from his blog. It's not like this is a school paper, it's the internet, and it's all about spreading ideas.

You have some good ideas and spread them, and you take some other people's ideas and keep them moving. No harm, no foul. It seems to me that Rare Earth needs to be a little clearer in what he/she is talking about.

Keep up the good work!

Steven Greenstreet said...

Who the hell is Karel Donk?

Who the hell are you people?


Davina said...

Copyrights and plagerism are two things that the youth of today sadly don't understand.

As a musician, I go nuts over all the stealing of mp3's that is so commonplace.

But what people are talking about here is far worse that stealing mp3's. Stealing an idea and passing it off as your own is some evil shit!

Someone produced much of the visuals used on this blog and they of course go uncredited. Those visuals are used without permissionand are indeed stolen.

I wasn't shocked to learn that in addition to stolen visuals that those who contribute to this blog are also guilty of plagerism. I've looked this blog over and am extremely unimpressed. Everything about it screams "UNPROFESSIONAL".

You can always tell what a fool read about yesterday 'cause he's writing about it today like he's some expert.

Create your own visuals or at least credit those who had the capacity to create if you choose to "borrow" others work. And if you are incapable of original thought then please refrain from plagerism and the like.



You are doing a movie about how fast food makes people fat?

I see two big flaws with that concept.

First of all, Who doesn't already except this as FACT? Big deal you are going to educate us on what we already know. Sounds like a big bore. Sounds like the cinematic equivelant of teaching a college grad how to tie his shoes?

and secondly, if you insist on copying others' work, you should at least copy more obscure films. Super Size Me was a huge film, I saw it once and don't care to see it again.

Steven Greenstreet said...




Bryan said...

Can someone copyright the fact that Bush is a moron?

I just find this plagarism stuff out of left field. Steve and I were in the office working when we started talking about the Iraq Study group report and Steve commented on how it seemed like now he was Stephen Glass and his editors were asking for his notes.

Then I told him to blog about that.

So, what was plagarized? I know he took pictures from other websites and I have no idea where they came from and he should credit them...

But plagarism?


Also, our film isn't about fast food. So, yeah...

davina said...

I noticed that you have Kelly Brownell in your film. He was also in Super Size Me.

It seems as though you folks watched Super Size Me for your "research".

Bryan said...

Actually, in all honesty, I wrote a document that was a minute by minute account of what appeared in SuperSize Me so that we could avoid doubling up on information.

By the way, who the hell are you?

davina said...

You seriously wrote a minute by minute account of supersize me?

I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing to admit.

FYI, I had to sue a filmmaker who used some of my songs in his film and the whole thing really sucked. People who steal intellectual property suck!

Steven Greenstreet said...

We did a minute-by-minute account of Super Size Me so that we DIDN'T copy anything in that film.

But, what's up with the bad attitude? What did we do to you?


Bryan said...

I still don't understand what we stole.

And is she accusing us of trying to steal her music?

And like Steve said, the minute by minute account was us doing our homework to make sure we're completely different.

davina said...

OK boys,

I'm not trying to be bitchy, but the more you try to explain your way out of stealing and borrowing ideas from others the worse things are looking for you.


What films did Morgan Spurlock take minute by minute notes on to assure himself that he wasn't copying anyone's work?


None, he didn't need to.


Why did you guys take minute by minute notes on Morgan Spurlock's film?


Becuase you were worried that was is happening right now would happen. (People accusing you of being unoriginal idea theives)

Bryan, I never accused you of stealing my music I was simply explaining why I get so bent out of shape when it comes to copyrights and plagerism. Because I have been on the other end of those who choose to be lazy unoriginal and uncreative.

Didn't some other person start production on this documentary before you did? What is up with that? Is he getting credit or are you two taking full credit?


Steven Greenstreet said...

holyfuckingshit, this bitch is crazy.

Son of Stenar said...

Steven, you better apologize to Davina or I'll make you MY BITCH, bitch!

davina said...

Stenar, I hate to break this to you, but you really don't seem like the type of person I would want on my side. Go find your own "BITCH". I can handle this one on my own.

Steven, Do you often talk to women like that? I'll bet you are your mother's pride and joy. I hate to think how you might treat your girlfriend and/or wife.

I asked a straight forward question but you are seemingly not in the right mood to answer it. I think I know the answer though, based on your avoidence tactics.

Not only is this concept unoriginal, it's NOT EVEN YOUR IDEA! You "borrowed", "stole", or "hijacked" the film from another filmmaker and are now claiming it as your own.


Steven Greenstreet said...


Thanks for visiting the blog! We hope you continue to do so!

Have a nice day!


Bryan said...

To answer your question: There was another "producer" involved. The investor fired him because he turned out to be a con man and brought Steve and I to the project because we're actual filmmakers. As far as stealing the idea for the film, it's the investors. We didn't pick obesity. Believe me, there are three other movies I want to be making as well, but this one is the most funded, so this one gets the most attention.

I think the question I'm asking is, what is it about this post that attracted everyone here to call Steve a plagarist?

I just don't see it.

rare earth said...

Again, it's not that I don't agree with what you say, but I get tired of people plagiarizing stuff from other blogs. It makes you look like a Jay Leno Wannabee, somebody who takes a comedian's monologue in its entirety and performs it for his friends the next day. (except in your case you add a bunch of juvenile profanity)

just pull back a little in the future and stick to your own ideas, or give people credit.


Bryan said...

I still don't get it.

Who did he plagarize?

rare earth said...

who DIDN'T he plagiarize. ha ha.

I looked up Karel Donk's pages, and I don't think it's as dead on as others propose, but it's still illustrates Steve's pattern of copying or rehashing someone else's stuff.

Bryan said...

ummm... I don't know who that is, and if you know Steve, then you'd know he probably doesn't either.

Sometimes, Rare Earth, people come up with similar ideas at similar times.

Also, I've seen Rare Earth perform live.

They kicked ass. It was at a show with Foreigner, BTO, The Doobie Brothers and Iron Butterfly.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Rare Earth, can you send us the link to whatever I plagiarized please?

Bryan and I can't wait.

winky the clown said...

Hey Steve,

I heard a joke the other day and I thought that you might want to start telling it to people at parties and such and passing it off as your own material.

It goes like this:

Knock knock?

- Who's there


- Butthole who?

Butthole YOU!

Have a nice day, BUTTHOLE!

Steven Greenstreet said...

Hey Winky, do you have a wife or girlfriend? Cuz I'm sure I could pass her off as my own.

bbq stu said...

Steve tried to plagiarize my butthole.

Bryan said...

If by "plagiarize" you mean "invade."

Steven Greenstreet said...

bbq stu, I thought you and I agreed to not publicly talk about that.

Shame on you.

Stenar said...

I'm really tired of the pussies who post on this site using my name and likeness. The comment above was not posted by me.

Bryan said...

I second that motion, Stenar. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to ban them or anything like that.

You could probably report them to Blogger though.

Son of Stenar said...

So that pussies don't continue to use my name and likeness, I am now going by the name "Son of Stenar" and I am using a different photo of myself too. I'd like to see the fake, pussy Stenar copy this photo!

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