Sunday, December 31, 2006


Should have been a pit of hungry lions or snakes.

So Saddam Hussein was executed this week for war crimes and crimes against humanity. It was a death by hanging, as it were. And what a stupid way for an evil dictator to die. They should have thrown him into a pit of lions or maybe snakes, or both. Armed with only a super soaker gun. Even cooler would have been a "Running Man" competition, where he has to run through a deadly gauntlet like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in that one 80's movie. FOX could have aired it live and it would have made millions. But, alas, they gave a very anti-climatic end to the bad guy who attacked us on 9/11.

I watched the video of Saddam's execution and it's typical voyeur snuff film. It's kind of weird watching a person be alive in one second and totally and completely dead in the next. Can I say that I felt kind of sad? Yeah, I don't know. I'm sure if I visually saw all the atrocities that Saddam had committed in the 1980's, I'd be really super pissed and my weak emotions of vengence would justify my pleasure in watching his neck get broken from a rope drop. But, still, I've never been too stoked on the idea of capital punishment. No matter who it is. Not because I defend what the criminal has done, but because I believe it's a lazy and medieval way of solving problems. Killing. If anything good comes out of Saddam's execution, other than a gigantic erection from George Bush, you guys let me know, OK?

One down, one to go.

That said, I was wondering if this would be the beginning of a new trend? You know, those involved with war crimes are tried in a worldly tribunal and then executed? If so, then Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush should start working out and pumping some iron. Cuz I hear those Running Man gauntlets are a bitch. And wrestling hungry lions ain't no picnic.


Bryan said...

I don't think we should kill anybody for anything.

And I watched the video, too and it made me sick.

breakdown said...

I dont think it should have been filmed at all. The way the execution was carried out will give reason for suppoters to hate the USA even more.
i don't normally agrre with capital punishment, but every now and again, I cant see any choice. Saddam Hussien, falls into that catagory.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Steven, nice job Plagiarizing somebody else's post and passing it off as your own.