Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Untitled Obesity Documentary

We've been working on this documentary for quite a while now, and no Duckie, we still don't have a title. But when we started this project I was quite lukewarm about it. I didn't think Obesity would be the most dynamic subject for a documentary and I'd thought for sure that Morgan Spurlock had covered all the bases.

Boy was I wrong.

Morgan Spurlocks film barely scratched the surface of the problem. It's not just a problem, though. It's a crisis. A crisis of epidemic proportions.

And we've designed our public policy and infrastructure in this country to promote unhealthy lifestyles, eating habits and a culture that demands more and more food.

I just wanted to sort of give you guys an idea of the scope of the issue we were addressing in our documentary. I don't want to give much away, though, especially at this early stage. What I can say is this: we're going to ruffle some feathers and hopefully something will be done about it.

As the production goes forward, Elias and myself and hopefully Steve will be putting together some essays about the things we unearth doing research for this film and publish a couple of them here on the blog. I think the ones we publish here will take aim more at a few of the political angles, seeing as how this seems to be a political blog.

So, really, this is just a heads up for some really interesting things to come.

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