Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bryan's Last Word on Gun Control

We had quite the lengthy debate on Gun Control in the office today (I know, I know, we should have been working) and we drew everyone in and had quite the interesting conversation. I've gotten some emails about the topic, too.

I think the problem with my position, at least here and publicly, is that it seems as though I'm all about outlawing every gun or something. I don't think that. Granted, I think that if I had a world of my own, not only would cats and rabbits wear shoes and pants and trousers, we wouldn't have any guns. I'm idealistic enough to think that a world without guns would be a wonderful utopia, but I'm realistic enough to know that we have guns and we'll always have guns.

I don't specifically have a problem with responsible people owning guns.

But I don't think that we should be able to go to the corner drugstore (or gun show) and just buy one willy-nilly, or even with just a waiting period.

Too many crazies have guns and we all know it. We see it on the news every night. And when I say gun control, I mean that we need to come up with a system to license gun owners. In order to get a license a few things should happen. The first is a psychological evaluation. The second is a gun safety and training class. The third is an actual identifying license. The fourth is a month long waiting period. After that month, each gun would come with a trigger-lock and you'd be forced to prove ownership of a gun-safe.

This would ensure that guns are in the hands of people who are sane, responsible and law-abiding citizens. We should also be able to strip people of their right to bear arms.

So, that's where I stand. If you feel you need a gun in the house for protection, more power to you, but with that power comes great responsibility.

My point is this, essentially, it should be harder to own a gun than to drive a car.

So, hopefully, that lays it out for everyone....


Steven said...

Yes. I don't know what we're arguing about.

I agree with this completely.

However, the current rules to get a gun aren't yet as strict as the ones you've listed.

So, that just means when I go to buy gun next month, it's going to be easy as fuck.

Bryan said...

Which is too bad, since I can't think of any better candidate than you for a psychological evaluation...

Steven said...

You're right. I'm fucked in the head. I don't care about jail. I'll put a bullet in your brain and put you in a coma. And right about the time you're coming out of that coma, I'll be coming out of jail. And then I will track you down and put another bullet in your head.