Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MYTH: Gun Control Reduces Crime


D said...


gun control increases crime because it decreases the ratio of law abiding citizens who pack heat to the amount of drugged out thugs who pack heat. Plain and simple.

I think it would be simpler for you and others to understand if they quit calling it "gun control" and started calling it "Law Abiding Citizen Firearm Limitation" and then did a crackdown on drugged-out thugs' use of firearms and called that "X-con Gun Control".

I am a firm believer in "X-con Gun Control" but the lame ass "gun control" that you speak of is as dumb-ass as your local news bimbos with cheerleader hairdos and too much make-up who convinced so much of this country that it was a good idea while reading it off of their teleprompters on the evening news!


Tell Ted, Steven and I where specifically we are wrong.

Your pal,

Duckie Butters

Steven said...

Duckie and I are in agreement.

What the fuck is going on?