Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"NO SHIT" and a voting story.

I just checked the Salt Lake Tribune's website and their number one story is currently "Mitt Romney Wins Utah".

HEAVENLY WHITENESS: Utah Romney Supporters explode with relief when it's announced that he won Utah.

Also, I heard from my friend Kristi, who lives in Provo, that she had to wait in line for 2 hours to vote because the city's voting computers "all crashed" and city officials were trying to "turn the computers back on". Kristi said people were getting tired of waiting and just went home. Hours later, when everything finally got worked out, and Kristi got to the voting table, they told her she couldn't vote because "they lost her information".

She had been voting at the same place for 4 years. And they turned her away. Yet another American not able to practice democracy because of a bunch of dumb fucks.

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Stenar said...

Were they exploding from relief or because they just had a little orgasm in their pants?