Monday, February 25, 2008


"There's a whole group of numb nuts that would like to dictate where, how, and if I can defend myself. I find that preposterous."

"The 2nd Amendment IS my concealed weapons permit."

"I don't like repeat offenders. I like dead offenders."

Ted Nugent speaks my mind. Check it:


Bryan said...

Ted Nugent is an ass-clown

Steven said...

Your welcome to call him an ass-clown.

But you're not welcome to say he's wrong.

Cuz he's dead on.

For about 4 million years humans have been either killing each other or defending themselves from being killed.

Who are you to suddenly think that evolutionary pattern is going to change?

What would have us do? Ban all guns? This would mean that only the military and the police have weapons? Oh, and the knucklehead black market dealer who's going to carjack your wife. I'm telling you, that would bad times. Bad times.

What's your position exactly on gun control?

Because, to me, gun control means never having to say "I missed".

Bryan said...

He's wrong.

Gun control means less school shootings.

Science, medicine and technology has evolution irrelevant. It's time to abandon all that stone age shit and move into civilization.

Steven said...

You assume that science, medicine, and technology transcend instinct and survival, which they don't.

Instinct and survival are constants.

And so is the fact that man is an animal. Not a machine.

You also assume any form of absolute control works.

Prohibition has goals of eliminating drunkenness, lewd behavior, and alcohol related deaths. And we all know that was an outstanding success.

If a crazy mother fucker wants to shoot up a school, he'll find a way to shoot up a school.

What would be better, is if one of the teachers had a 9mm Glock in his desk and fired a failing grade into the shooter's brain.

But, I digress, what do you mean by "gun control"? All guns? Some guns? Only the military can have guns? The police?

Bryan said...

Less guns means less crime. It's a pretty simple equation.

And you know already that we disagree about your bizarre view of survival and Darwin, so on this, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Steven said...

Ok, now you've said, "Less Guns." You're almost to the point of actually telling me your solution. Keep going...

Point: Banning guns from law-abiding citizens means that only the felons and black-marketers will have weapons.

And the police.

And the military.

Fuck that.

It's a like a group of church people saying "Well you shouldn't do sex". Well, people will do sex, and they will kill.

Jesus, when you saw "No Country For Old Men", did you and I see the same movie?

And the only thing bizarre about my Darwin argument is that you're actually disagreeing with it.

Bryan said...

I must have missed the chapter in the Origin of Species that dealt with murdering classmates...

Steven said...

"Classmates" not "Bestfriends". Or, in essence, what the psychopath has perceived as an invisible and faceless threat. Same goes for the Trolley Square mall shooting.

The psychotic male (cuz they're usually men) has convinced himself that those he kills have encroached his territory. Sometimes that "territory" is simply poeple calling him a fag or a nigger or other ways of bullying him. Other times a female denies him romance or courtship. He sees this to be the fault of a cruel and unfair world and decides to kill them all.

The teenagers of Columbine or Trolley Square had exaggerated their feelings of denial and ostracism to the point of feeling an instinctual need to defend themselves and their ego (ego in the Freudian sense).

This is typical teenage behavior when dealing with such emotions as love and hate. Everything is blown out of proportion. Some just dye their hair black and listen to Fall Out Boy. But others, who have biologically weaker minds, pick up a gun.

Either way, I'm going to make damn sure I have MY gun when some pissed off Emo Kid decides to come in Banana Republic and shoot the place up.

And the chapter you missed is called Act I of "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Bryan said...

You're confusing Kubrick with Darwin.

Darwin said that species adapt to their surroundings, not that they set out to light those surroundings on fire.

Our modern environment has deemed that "survival" instinct 98.8% irrelevant. We don't hunt for our food or have "territory". Survival is showing up for work on time everyday and earning money to buy food and shelter.

Darwin said species that were good at finding food and shelter thrived, not those best at killing each other. Those are the species that go extinct.

Yes, some people hurt each other, but that doesn't make it "right" or "biological". You're right, it's ego. But an ego as big as that is a genetic defect in this day and age.

And thankfully, there isn't an ego that can't be fixed with the right amount of anti-depressants and therapy....

So, yeah. Medicine, Science and Technology transcend what you call "survival." (I call it barbarism.)

Steven said...

You just said "our modern environment has deemed that "survival" instinct 98.8% irrelevant".

This is a silly statement.

Primal instinct doesn't just disappear because there are more Wal-Marts and thinner laptops.

And, yes, we have territory. We have fences, we have offices, we have cubicles, we have rooms, we have walls, we have buildings.

And we still mark our territory. We have Hummers and BMWs, we have jewelry and wedding bands, we have big houses and stock options, we have fortune and we have fame.

It's all still there.

It just looks and sounds different.

I.E. "The bone that just killed the ape jump cuts to a space station."

Bryan said...

See, the genetic defect of an ego of yours won't let you admit that people can be nice to each other without any ill consequences.

I'm not going to apologize for my faith in the essential decency of people.

D said...

Sorry Bryan,

But I'm gonna have to weigh in with Mr. Greenstreet on this one.

"The Nug" be speakin' words o' truth.

Of course it's better to have the repeat offender murderer shot dead in an act of self-defense than to have yet another lady raped and murdered in cold blood in front of her kids.

Guns can kill AND GUNS (in the right hands) CAN SAVE LIVES! And yes guns can kill Mother Scratchers who are attempting to rape, molest, or kill innocent people.

Some people should die. Deal with it man!

Your pal,

Duckie Butters


I met "The Nug" in the Las Vegas airport circa 89. We were waiting for the same flight. We took a photo together and I asked him to pull his best "Cat Scratch Fever" face, and he obliged rather enthusiastically.

Steven said...

Oh, my ego will admit that people can be nice to each other.

But if someone pulls a gun on me while I'm being nice to someone, then I'd better shoot him before he shoots me.

The other way around just wouldn't be nice.