Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Blood of a Million Iraqi's

The AFP recently reported that war-related violence has claimed the lives of over one million Iraqis.

That's 1,000,000 deaths that could have been prevented if the Bush administration had simply followed the available intelligence instead of it's overwhelming and preposterous desire to start a war.

My question is, how do we get it through the heads of our fellow-countrymen who support the war that this is not okay? How do we convince them that this is a direct result of the actions of the United States? How do we convince them that we're not the good guy here?

I'm mystified by the reaction of people to the war these days. Most of you live in areas that have awakened to these facts, but I live in Utah. I'm surrounded by ardent war supporters and Romney '08 stickers. The most ardent conservatives in this country still believe that there was a purpose to the war and that all the mindless bloodshed is simply collateral damage. But here we have evidence of a million voices ceasing because of our actions and all they can say is, "Go get 'em."

No doubt, George Bush will be venerated as a hero despite the blood of a million Iraqis soiling his hands.

I'm sure that this study will be discounted by those who foolishly believe that the war had some purpose greater than oil, just as the last accurate report on the Iraqi death toll was. Perhaps if we fix the language problem and remind these war supporters that a million of God's creatures have been killed in their name they'll realize the irony of their support.

Or maybe not.

Conservatives love hypocrisy. (Take for instance the founders of Cleanflix in Utah. They made a living editing sex and violence out of films for people and were using that wealth to shoot pornographic films with 14-year-old girls.)

The only thing I do know, though, is that if I were responsible for the deaths of 1,000,000 people and I believed in hell, I'd expect to end up there.

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AP said...

The chicken shit cowards who support this failed "war" are just as responsible as Bush IMO. The most difficult thing, other than Bush, to understand is the cult like dedication the far right have to this man. Ignoring NIE reports, CIA officials who have come forward, Lancet Study Group findings (overseen by John Hopkins University), and of course no WMD. None of this matters, and frankly it's an amazing phenomenon, a deadly one, and I hope these cocksuckers all burn in hell right along with Bush and his cronies for it.