Saturday, March 01, 2008


As you all may know, Bryan and I live in Utah.

Utah, on quite a few levels, is a Twilight Zone episode featuring a cast of stupendously batshit crazy mother fuckers.

You may say, "Hey, what about Texas? Texas is pretty fucked up. Or how about Alabama? Fuck Alabama."

And I would agree with you.

But, Utah takes the cake.

A company in the town of Provo is being accused of waterboarding it's employees.

I'll say it again:

A company in the Family-Values-Jesus-Loving-Mormon-Capital of the world is being accused of WATERBOARDING IT'S EMPLOYEES.

How did the owners of this company defend themselves?

"It was meant to be a team-building exercise," Dave Ellis said. "Everybody was . . . involved and enthusiastic."

Fucking Utah...


AP said...

These employees had the potential to come in and be completely unmotivated. Yet the limp wristed liberals in this country would prefer to raise their little white flags instead. It's just a little water on the face people!

Steven said...


Oh my God, you're right.

What was I thinking?