Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliot Spitzer....

I'm glad he showed some spine and resigned instead of protracting things and staying in office.

Aside from that though, can you blame a guy for wanting a piece of this girl:

Whether he paid for her or not, she's ten steps higher on the scale than Monica Lewinski and about a thousand times better than soliciting dudes in the bathroom.

I'm not saying Spitzer didn't do anything wrong, all I'm saying is that he should get some points for taste.


Derek and Rachel said...

What a douche-bag hypocrite. It's news like this that makes wonder why my friends invest so much time bantering over "who's the better politician", or "My Republican can beat up your democrat".

Well, guess what? They're all self serving, power hungry assholes who don't care about their families enough to not sleep around, much less the voting population.

... said...


True that...

But just FYI: it took 48 hours for impeachment wheels to get rolling against Spitzer, a man who paid money to have an orgasm.

It's been 7 years for the same thing to be placed against Bush, a man who is responsible for thousands of deaths.

And impeachment will never be placed against Bush.

Why? Cuz it's easier to put the puzzle together about Spitzer: penis and vagina and money.

When you try to put Bush's puzzle together you run into a gamut of complex deceits and subtle lies. It's not as black and white.

And, usually, by the time we're about to figure it all out and maybe think about impeachment, the gas prices go up and I freak out about being able to buy my kid's new school year supplies.

Oh, and also, people generally don't like it when you're getting laid and they're not.

Unknown said...

I never said he didn't do anything wrong and that he shouldn't have stepped down. A public official paying for sex should be something they need to step down for.

All I'm complimenting is his taste in hookers. That chick is hot.

Derek and Rachel said...

I wasn't saying YOU were the hypocrite, Bryan...I hope you didn't think that. Anyways, I agree with both Steve and Bryan (is this possible?) I am just upset, like Steve, that the public would rather focus on a sex scandal than an economic crisis, war profiteering, global crisis, etc.

But yes, Bryan..."she be bangin".

... said...

I'd like to add that this whole Spitzer thing has done nothing but give me a new idea of what to do with my money if I ever make $80,000.

AP said...

With the dollar sinking, these six diamond gals will be asking for Euros before we know it. Thanks Bush!

Stenar said...

I don't find this Spitzer whore to be very attractive at all. Her boobs are too big and her arms too long and stringy and she's just really skanky looking, but then I'm gay, so what do I know? hehe