Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Truth Is Out There

So, there's a new "X-Files" movie in the works right now.

I was an obsessed X-Files fan all through high-school. I started watching it back in 1993 during season one and I never went out on Friday nights for the next 4 years because of Mulder and Scully at 9pm.

When I went on my Mormon mission to Venezuela, my friend John would secretly send me audio tape recordings with the printed script of the episodes I was missing. As a missionary, you weren't supposed to watch TV, movies, or listen to music. I broke these rules 3 times: sneaking into a theater to see "The Sixth Sense", watching "The Phantom Menace", and listening to chunks of X-Files episodes once a month from John.

So, anyways, when I got back home, X-Files was in its 7th season and Mulder and Scully, despite overflowing sexual tension, still hadn't fucked. And then, in one episode, Scully decides she wants a baby. She approaches Mulder, as fans worldwide leaned forward in their seats, and

The show died for me that day. I mean, WTF?

Looking back on it, the show died probably after the first movie came out and the show went into its 5th season.

So, anyways, they're making a 2nd movie. It supposedly has nothing to do with aliens and it probably picks up after Mulder and Scully ran off to Canada after Mulder was on trial for his life for killing a government alien spy.

And so, now there's this behind-the-scenes picture:
Ooooooooo! They're kissing! Literally 15 years after two, single, highly attractive 30-somethings meet, they finally decide to break down and smooch. Gimme a fucking break. I just hope the movie is HALF as good as the first one. But with Frank Spotnitz writing, I have to assume there's going to be quite a bit of God-Awfulness.

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