Saturday, March 15, 2008

Worst Movie Pitch I've Heard in a Long Time

So, I read up on the trade news a lot. And I caught this bit over at JoBlo about Lena Headey (the female lead in the drastically over-rated sausage party 300) joining the cast of a film called Tell Tale.
The former Sparta queen has joined TELL-TALE, the contemporized version of Edgar Allen Poe's macabre short story "The Tell-Tale Heart". The movie, from director Michael Cuesta (DEXTER, SIX FEET UNDER), stars Josh Lucas as a heart transplant recipient compelled by his new organ to seek revenge on the donor's killer. Brian Cox is a crusty cop on the confounding case.
I'm pretty sure that rates near the top of worst pitches for a film I've ever heard. It's almost as bad as the film Donald pitched to his brother Charlie in Adaptation.

This is just silly.

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Stenar said...

I sorta liked 300, but then I am gay. ;)