Monday, March 19, 2007

What Lies Ahead

Never a dull moment here at Shinebox. As Steve and Bryan are away, doing their best to appear neutral in DC, Elias continues to burn the midnight oil in the State of Deseret. As we fight to sustain the feverish shooting schedule on our obesity documentary (title coming very soon, we promise) we look ahead to what comes next.

Feature films and scripts are always in the works but another documentary subject has caught our fancy and is in the very beginning stages of development. While collecting data and reading up on the subject consistently over the last few months, I've also been conducting some more hands on research when the opportunity presents itself.

The subject is one that I feel is ripe for the picking and no doubt effects far more people than we may realize in one degree or another, as scientific studies on the phenomena are in their earliest stages, which, in my opinion makes it all the more exciting to dissect.

I'm not giving away the subject for a number of good reasons but I will say that it heavily involves human (often romantic) relationships, global economics, obsession, isolation, fantasy and in some extreme cases, murder and suicide. It's probably not what you're thinking either.
Sounds like fun, right? That vague description, accurate as it may be makes it sound a bit more bleak than I believe the film will turn out if we get the opportunity to produce it, but we shall see.

That's all for now.

Plenty of cool DC updates to come, I'm sure.

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Stenar said...

I'm already making a documentary about that. :P

Just kiddin' ;)