Friday, March 16, 2007

Four Star Reviews

“Four stars” and “utterly fantastic”
—Felix Vasquez, Jr. of

“9 out of 10” and “downright riveting”
—Chad Connelly of

John over at the Video Kitchen has got some critical reviews back on his film "Blood, Boobs & Beast".
• Review on
“’Blood, Boobs & Beast’ is one of the most heartbreaking and heartfelt explorations of a cult icon, that remains a wonderful footnote in horror movie fan’s hearts. With a wry sense of humor, and wonderful direction, Kinhart pays homage to a great director.”

• Review on
“Everyone involved has a lot of interesting stuff to say…and it's all spliced together perfectly…”

• Write-up on
You can read my write-up of the film here. And here is the link to the films trailer.

This better earn me some type of special thanks in the credits....

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