Sunday, March 18, 2007


Steve and I are leaving for DC today.

Posts could get dodgy depending on our internet situation out there. Or Elias could step up to the plate and post something up in our absence.

Just a reminder: Fleapit Three is over on the IMDb and quite a few of the credits have been added. And check back, we should have some cool announcements about the film over the course of the next week. The documentary, not Fleapit Three....

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Anonymous said...

I was reading the synopsis of the film when looking for movies to add to my Netflix queue.

The film reminds me of an identical situation here in Tucson at the University of Arizona.

Moore came on privately raised funds and right-wingers got all up in arms and demanded the ASUA -- the student union -- to bring in a counterbalance.

This led to Ann Coulter coming to campus and the pie-throwing incident.

I was not very partisan back then and did not pay much attention to it but it is very interesting to see how this sort of thing was happening elsewhere, too.