Monday, March 26, 2007

Piccadilly Cowboy

Jaelan Petrie, star of Missy (the first film Elias and I directed) wrote, starred and produced in a film called "Piccadilly Cowboy".

It's playing locally here in Utah and I'm told it's pretty good.

I had tickets to the premiere, but was in Washington, D.C. shooting and couldn't make it.

Of the film, Jaelan said:

"I absolutely hate romantic comedies," Petrie said, "but this is, by far, the best film I've worked on."

I'm sure he forgot that he starred in Missy when he said that. Actually, maybe he didn't forget.

And just so everybody knows, Jaelan is really good. Posted below is all the stuff that he's been in of ours that's on Youtube.

This is the trailer to Missy, starring Jaelan. This was the first film Elias and I wrote, directed and produced.

This is the trailer for a film that never got finished. It's called Infidelity. Elias and I wrote and were producing this. This was also the first 16mm we ever worked with.

And here is Jaelan once again in what was a "ShineBox Motion Picture" years and years ago.

Let me know what you guys thought of these videos.


Cpl. Chron said...

Brian, amazingly off topic but you remember a few years ago when this guy micheal moore came to our campus and it was a huge big deal. Some people protested, some people protested the protestors, some people even made a movie about it. Well it seems we've come a long way since then. Apparently Cheney will be speaking at BYU's graduation and even some of the obedient little lambs at our "sister" school now realize what an evil fuck he is and are up in arms about it (see side bar at for context.) I don't know if this speaks more to how far our happy little valley has come our how low this admin has finally sunk. I'm out in Cali now and I know you're all busy and successful now but if you could cover this a little or just throw in two cents from your close up perspective all us ex-divided staters who still have a soft-spot for that strange and backward land would appreciate it. Thanx and here's to your continued success. Cam

Rowland said...

Looks good. All of 'em. Needs a larger audience.