Friday, March 09, 2007


"This is a president who thinks he is above the law. He has taken on the role, basically, of a dictator. And I say that without exaggeration".

Rocky Anderson has gone nationwide speaking out against the war in Iraq and calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

"Never before has there been such a compelling case for impeachment and removal from office of the President of the United States," he said in today's paper.

He's the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Yeah... Utah. The most conservative and Republican state in the nation. A place where "family values" run rampant and Wedding and Gun Expos are held on the same weekend. A place where people love Jesus Christ and war. And a place of blissful ignorance and frequent numb-skullery.

So, you can understand why FOX News' Sean Hannity loves this place. Hell, he's all but been crowned king out here. In my film THIS DIVIDED STATE, giddy Utahns begged Hannity to move from New York to Utah and "run for office". During one scene, a mother offers up her new born child to be touched and blessed (or "Hannitized") by Sean Hannity. I kid you not. So, yes, Hannity is quite the golden boy here in Utah.

But today, it was announced that a scheduled debate between Hannity and Mayor Anderson was suddenly canceled. The Mayor was going to push his case for President Bush's impeachment. At the last minute, FOX News pulled the plug.

"I think Sean Hannity knows we have a strong case [for impeachment]," Mayor Anderson said. "Now they call with some vague message... they are calling it off."

BUT!! This is far from over....?

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Sean Hannity, the popular conservative commentator, told listeners of his national radio program Thursday he is willing to fly to Utah at his own expense to debate Rocky Anderson about the Iraq war and the liberal Salt Lake City mayor's call for President Bush's impeachment. "I will go head to head with him for charity," Hannity told a Salt Lake City caller on the radio show, which airs on KSL NewsRadio. "You tell Rocky I'm ready to come out. I want to talk about the merits of the war. I want to talk about the democratic strategy of cuttin' and running. . . . We'll talk about his silly ideas about impeachment and how political they are." Bring it on, Anderson says. "I look forward to a good, open, fair debate with anyone on this topic," he said. "The facts are clear. This country was defrauded."

If this debate happens, I'm going to be there. Maybe I'll give Hannity a copy of THIS DIVIDED STATE. And maybe this time, his body guard won't throw me into a wall.

Political Cartoon from 2004 when Sean Hannity came to Utah a week before Michael Moore to give comfort and solace to thousands of upset Utahns. He had also come out a few months before that to host Utah's "Stadium of Fire" 4th of July Republican Masturbatorium.


Bryan said...


I have to say, I think this is probably one of your most thought out, well written blogs.

And there isn't much potty-mouth talk, either.

Steven said...

All I basically did was write a few things about a news story that I basically copied and pasted.

No big deal really. At all. Not sure how you think it's "thought out".

But I guess I'm glad I spared you the trauma of having to read "potty mouth talk".

Bryan said...

You had a solid couple of paragraphs in there.

Usually, it seems like your posts are just designed to piss people off and this one was to inform.

Also, I don't mind the "potty mouth talk" I'm prone to use it myself now and again, but sometimes I think it's just to rub the Greenstreet-haters the wrong way.

Russell said...

I don't know dude. I'm here in Utah valley with the rest of these supposedly conservative numb-skulls, and yet I don't hear of any Hannity shrines being built. I certainly haven't met a soul who thinks Hannity is all that sweet.

You can't let some crazy lady who thinks Hannity is God speak for the rest of the rationally-minded (whom I think make the greater population of the area than you give us credit for).

JJ said...

I'm in SL and that's ALL I freaking hear about. KSL along with the "Daily" newspapers are so damned bias. I almost choke everytime I want to turn on the tv, or radio on for weather, sports scores or just real news. They are so brainwashed here that I had to actually move out of state to realize what normal people are really like. I hope Sean, and all his deciples of Utah County all get the fucking point behind why Rocky is so vocal about these issues. George W Bush will go down in history as one of the worst criminals in history. " Hey George, Death called and said thanks for the overtime!"