Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Los Angeles Pictures

These are of us on Santa Monica Pier.

Obviously, this is Steve with the Avon sunglasses and MacCauley Culkin scarf.

STEVE says: The glasses are from Zumiez and the scarf from GAP.

And here I am, a well-dressed fop.

STEVE: "Fop" means corporate fag whore.

And this is the ferris-wheel that we rode romantically at sunset.

Actually we didn't ride it. It was closed. But that's a good story. And if I didn't jump on it first, Elias was sure to.


Bob said...

That's where the missionaries lived in the best Mormon Cinema movie ever: States of Grace (God's Army 2).


darby said...

I love that Steve is posing with an unlit cigarette!

What a douche!

darby said...

I love that Steve is posing with an unlit cigarette!

What a douche!

Anonymous said...

As a general rule: Someone with such a freakishly tiny head shouldn't be wearing such large sunglasses.

Good call on the cigarette, you're right it looks like he got it out just for the photo.


Steven said...

Guys! Guys! The scarf! The scarf! Say something about my scarf! That's why I wore it!

Almond Roca said...

Yes, the scarf came from the Gap.
Baby Gap.
My niece has the same one.
It's real nice, and it matches your baby head.

Joseph said...

The only thing cooler than smoking is talking about how you should quit but it's hard. Rock on!

Steven said...


Thank you for the scarf comment. It was exactly what I asked for.

Somewhere a Greenstreet lover just creamed his/her pants.



The Baby Gap said...

And thank you for shopping at the Baby Gap! Come again and have a great day!!

Steven said...

I deleted that last comment. I forgot that when you become famous and successful, people who aren't and never will be obsessively try to tear you down.

"We the leaders, and they the followers.

We are the nut busters, and they the swallowers.

They are the rumors, they are the lies.

We the shit, dog. And they the flies."

-Kanye West

steven said...

Eat my dust, bitches! You will never be successful and famous like I am. Don’t even think you will because you won’t.

I am famous
you are not
I am successful
you are not
I made This Divided State
you did not
You are posers
I am not
We are the dog shit
You are not
A sandy vagina is what you've got
I do not
you are jealous and cut me down
you are a gay clown

Steven said...

Yes. Yes! More poems. More hip-hoppery. About me.

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