Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Personal Responsibility

Elias and I put together another editorial for the Huffington Post that went live today. This was in response to the "personal responsibility" argument that everyone always seems to call out every time we talk about the frustration of government inaction in the obesity epidemic.

Read it here and come back to tell us what you think.

In other news we're just working overtime to get the film done.

No rest for the wicked... And according to some, there are none more wicked as we.


Dana said...

If you not only have access to fresh and healthy diet options, but the money to facilitate them, then you are ahead of the curve.

Remember the days when being poor meant that you didn't have enough money to eat. Now, being poor means not having enough money to eat right. Well, in America, I guess. There are other countries that are still starving.

Anonymous said...

I eat unhealthy food all the time, but I just eat smaller portions. It's no secret that eating less and exercising more can improve one's health and weight.