Friday, March 16, 2007

Man Uses Air Sickness Bag to Relieve Himself

This headline would seem pretty outrageous to anybody, but it seems twice as outrageous when you learn the specifics and find out that it happened in Utah.

You can read about it here.

A Sandy resident, one James Whipple, was not allowed to void his beer-filled bladder of excess fluid while on a flight from Boise to Salt Lake City so he was allowed to courses of action: to pee himself or to pee in the bag.

Well, peeing in the bag got him detained by police on the tarmac.

They held him in custody for two hours before letting him take a taxi home.

It's not like he didn't ask to use the restroom though. He did. Repeatedly. He was told that the seatbelt light was on (for the entire duration of the flight) and that it was against the rules to let him pee. It's stuff like this that makes me think that FAA security regulations are both silly and ineffective in this "post-9/11" world.

I'm not quite sure why this story is compelling to require a newspaper article in the Salt Lake Tribune, but I have to admit, it is oddly compelling.

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