Thursday, March 29, 2007

Press Release

This is the press release we sent to the media, officially commenting about the Cheney foofaraw.

I also submitted an editorial about it to Huffington Post and as soon as they post it I'll let you know.

And if anyone is interested in filming anything about this, the events, protests, anything, contact me as soon as possible.
We're putting something together. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but we're putting something together.


Provo, UT -- It was announced almost one week ago that Vice President Dick Cheney will offer the commencement speech to the graduating class at Brigham Young University. In less than a week, a grassroots swell of BYU students, faculty and concerned citizens have launched a petition to rescind the invitation to Cheney and for the University to choose a less-controversial speaker. "Commencement should not be a negative experience for anyone," said one student at an anti-Cheney meeting in Provo on Wednesday night, "And that is all having Cheney speak will accomplish."

Petitions are being circulated, protests are being planned and letters are being written. It echoes the events of 2004 when liberal filmmaker Michael Moore was invited to speak on campus at Utah Valley State College, mere miles away from BYU. As captured in the documentary film "This Divided State", Moore's visit drew the ire of many local citizens and students that led to lawsuits, death threats, bribery and more than a few protests and rallies.

Director of the film, Steven Greenstreet offered advice to the participants on both sides of the debate, "If 'This Divided State' can teach anything to BYU students and local citizens on both sides of the issue, it's this: kicking and screaming will do the community no good. Try to have a civil and well-mannered dialogue about the issues at hand. And listen to each other! People didn't listen to each other during the Michael Moore controversy. And don't take your cues from the pundits on TV by telling each other to shut up."

"Have protests, engage in civil dialogues and, above all, remember that we're all Americans, whether we agree with Cheney or not," said Bryan Young, one of the film's producers, "The best thing about America is that we don't have to agree with each other and I can see already that there are lot of people who will be forced to opposite sides of this debate but they should all work their hardest to make that debate productive."

"Having said that," Greenstreet added, "I'm excited to see the first amendment in action within one of the most conservative colleges in one of the most conservative states in the union. The die has already been cast. At this point, I think we should welcome Cheney and then we should welcome the thousands of people who will come to protest. In fact, I plan on being one of those protesting. It's exciting to see Mormon BYU students voicing their opinions on how they are morally and fundamentally opposed to the policies of the Bush Administration. It means we've come a long way here in Utah since Michael Moore's visit."

The filmmakers are available for comment. Please contact Bryan Young by email at


Cpl. Chron said...

Wow, ask and ye shall recieve, haha. Actually I had a feeling you guys would be all over this, sounds like good times. I won't be able to be there to protest the man hisself but I'll be in town from the 6th thru 10th for my cousins wedding so if any one is planning to start protesting early and often let me know.(I mean leave details here in comments.)

Keith said...

I'll be at the protest on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

The idea that Cheney should be allowed free speech or "equal time" is crazy. That kind of thinking would allow Hitler to advocate the murder of Jewish children in a public forum. Exactly what Evil wants--for Good people to operate by nicey-nicey standards. As if a scorpion has the same standing as a sheep. Cheney is the demonstrated enemy of all principles that America holds dear. He is the enemy of your children. He wants your son to die for his vanity.He is Darth Vader and the Prince of Darkness all rolled up together. He has been responsible for sadness in millions of lives. He advocates torture and the destruction of civil liberties. You must be functionally brain dead to think such a beast should be allowed equal time with humans.

Steven said...

Cheney is not "Darth Vader" or "The Prince of Darkness".

The idea of the human embodiment of ultimate evil is silly.