Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh, and one more thing....


Don't make me pull a Greenstreet and bust out reviews of our films on you.

If you asked every filmmaker that enjoyed the Prequels to quit making films, not many films would be made any more. If I worshiped Alien Vs. Predator, you might have reason to ask me to switch career paths, but the Prequels?


Modemstring said...

I find it interesting that you defend the prequels so religiously, yet you don't hesitate to sling the mud on other films. You just undermine any point you are trying to make.

If someone can love the prequels and still make a good movie, then someone can love AVP or The Matrix and make a good movie. You are a walking fallacy.

As for your beloved reviews, I have read them. I also see that it was collaboration with 4 partners. Actually, it seems like it is Steven Greenstreet’s movie, not yours. It tells me nothing about you.

The point I was trying to make is in your utter self-delusions about the prequels, which will inevitably seep into any film which you might make. You don't understand what good acting is, or good dialog, or pacing, or storytelling.

I think you vastly overestimate the number of filmmakers who believe the prequels are good films. Remember I am making a distinction between enjoying and believing the prequels are good movies. Maybe you cannot make that distinction.

Your obsession (70 times?) is what I am talking about. You have blinded yourself from reality. What do you think makes a great movie? Because it's not the same criteria as the rest of us use.

Bryan said...

I produced and assistant directed TDS, among dozens of other jobs.

I enjoy the prequels. I can admit that there are flaws, and there are things that I would change if I had the fiat power to do it. But I can't. George Lucas gave us a series of movies that he had in his head and I happen to like what he had in his head, despite his misgivings.

Lucas is an amazing director. Have you seen THX-1138 and American Grafitti?

I admit freely that the acting in the Star Wars movies is cheesy. In a lot of places. But that's the style. It seems as though it's you who can't discern the difference between a purposeful style choice and a mistake.

Why don't you go back through and read some of my other film reviews posted on this blog and see where we can find some middle-ground on films.

I know I like Star Wars more than the average bear, but to discard someone as stupid for it is...well...stupid.

Modemstring said...

Alright, we have arrived. The prequels are flawed, cheesily acted film. Not great films. That wasn't so hard, was it? I never said you were stupid for liking them.

Lucas might have been an amazing director at one time, but his 25-or-so-year absence from the director's chair haven't been kind to his abilities. I wouldn't want a doctor operating on me who hasn't practice in 25 years.

Oh, and the term "average bear" is kind of stupid.

L.Austin Bernard said...

Actually Lucas had with his first two films in the original series far less of a role then the final four films (which are all deemed to be the lower end of the series)

maybe he should have kept that winning recipe he found in the second movie