Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Criticism

I just wanted to point you all out to the most well-researched critique of me in the wake of all this "Star Wars" prequels business.

The only thing I object to (other than his opinions about Star Wars) is the "nanny state liberal" thing. I don't get why that's a problem. And what does that even mean? Is it some type of slur for socialist? How is that a bad thing? I just don't get it...

(I'm also pretty sure the author is also the same "RBW" who called me a retard in the comments below.)

I'm just saying, I think people would take your opinion more seriously if you were nicer about it.

Anyhow, without further ado, here it is.

(BTW: It was interesting to find out that my editorial got "Farked.")


L.Austin Bernard said...

LOL nope Didn't call you retarded

I hopped on within the land of fark

as for the Nanny State liberal crack. Your advocating through the collected 6 films a movie which advocates totalitarianism and dictatorial approaches, and lauds them (Lucas himself even said dictatorship is great) and you advocate massive government intervention into the lives of others

It was pointing out the parallel

Bryan said...

My most humble apologies, then.

L.Austin Bernard said...


John said...


L.Austin Bernard said...

LOL Ok I freely admit to deserving that

Modemstring said...

Hmm, he may not have called you a retard, but he did call you a poor, poor bastard, or am I missing something?

First, you don't need research to shread your flimsy argument, and second, the "poor, poor bastard" comments were barely legible.

The box office numbers only prove one thing--that people, in general, are stupid. Spiderman III, Shrek III and Pirates III all sucked but broke box office records. Without 25 years of Star Wars francising driving the prequels, then even the stupid people would see past their own bias and realize just how terrible the movies really are.

L.Austin Bernard said...

Poor Poor Bastard for Defending Star Wars Prequels on the interweb after Fark (and IMDB) ran with his huffington post article

for all the nerds in a blender stuff Bryan got

I also think of course that maybe a bigger issue is the changing way media is consumed not just the fact hollywood has used all the good themes badly