Friday, June 01, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Should Get Super AIDS

I keep hearing about 20 year old Lindsay Lohan in the news. The fact that I used the word "news" in that last sentence is a problem. Cuz, really, who the fuck is Lindsay Lohan and why the fuck should we care? Who the hell are you, in the American public, that keeps a tally of what drug this stupid broad is using this week? Why is a headline about her DUI just inches away from dreadful updates out of Iraq? But, I guess, it's more of the same shit and I shouldn't be surprised.
She was hotter when she was jail bait.

And the same goes for the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Paula Abdul. All three of them also made "news" this week. Spears was vomiting all over a bar floor, Hilton was going to jail or something, and a recorded phone conversation exposed Abdul as a whiny bitch.

The radio wastes precious airtime telling us these preposterous facts and television can't get enough of Britney Spears b-roll cutaways. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they start cutting away to footage of Paris Hilton's blurred out cooter during a news piece on Illegal Immigration. Just for rating's sake, of course.

Oh, hey, I was just driving and they announced on the radio that Lindsay's new boyfriend was video taped snorting cocaine with two hookers dressed as school girls in London. Huh...

I hope those hookers had AIDS and gave her boyfriend AIDS and then he gives Lindsay AIDS and then there's a big Lohan-Spears-Hilton-Abdul orgy and they all get a huge batch of super AIDS and die.

Donkey Punch City.

Cuz the last thing we need is more news stories and blog posts written about these hoes.


NateDredge said...

I wish they'd all go away to, but you probably shouldn't wish 'super AIDS on anybody. Well, maybe super villians.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously very passionate about them. How sad. Sucked in like the rest of them.

Cat Woman said...

Yeay! SUPER AIDS! They should watch the AIDS episode of The Sarah Silverman Program. I'm sure "they" (idiotic trust fund baby hooker twats) will learn something from it!

Yeah! They have AIDS! SUPER AIDS!

Ryan said...

I have to admit - I despise despise despise the Tragic Trio just as much as anyone else. I really do think that Paris & Britney & Lindsay have an incredibly negative impact on society.

But.... mmm... I'd stop short of wishing that ANYONE die of Super AIDS. You may want to be careful with that one.

Anonymous said...

Morals on the internets?

If only we could get "The Tragic Trio" to spread SUPER AIDS to Jack Thompson, Al Sharpton, and Rudy Giuliani...

Peter said...

This reminds me of those BYU students who write letters every year saying that BYU girls shouldn't be allowed to let their bag/purse straps go between their breasts.

All it shows is that these guys have a problem with breasts.

Why do you have to have so much contempt for these women? Smacks of misogyny if you ask me.

Better to adjust your worldview to make room for human nature. There will always be Britneys, Lindsays, and Parises. And young girls will always admire them.

Steven said...

Natedredge, dude, there's no such thing as super AIDS.

Just like there's no such thing as my misogyny.

I am in no way misogynistic.

And, it's not that I hate these stupid, spoiled whores. I'm just tired of people filling news and blogs up with tales of their crabby sluttery.

Peter said...

I think what you wrote was pretty damn misogynistic (hatred of women), as per the following sexist/misogynistic comments:

1) "She was hotter when she was jail bait"
2) "whiny bitch"
3) "Paris Hilton's blurred out cooter"
4) "I hope...they all get a huge batch of super AIDS and die"
5) "these hoes"

I don't understand why any good human being would say things like that about someone else. You are always preaching to Christians to live up to their own rules, Steve, but too often you fly off and say shit that discredits you. Christian or not, treating others how you want to be treated isn't a bad idea. Or better yet, "Do unto others as you would have them do to your mother or your sister." Geez...

Maybe there's a differnce between how you actually feel versus the words you wrote. But in your response, you said, "And, it's not that I hate these stupid, spoiled whores. I'm just tired of people filling news and blogs up with tales of their crabby sluttery."

The irony of the entire post aside (a blog post lamenting the number of headlines and blog posts these women generate), how can you not see the hatred in what you wrote? It's like Michael Richards saying, "I'm one of the least racist people I know!" Or a wife beater saying, "Just cause I beat my wife doesn't mean I'm a wife beater!" If you say racist things, you're a racist. If you beat your wife, you're a wife beater. If you say hateful things against women...

Watch this

Anonymous said...

You just couldn't help putting them on YOUR blog.

Cat Woman said...

Man... It sounds like Peter may also have Super AIDS... Maybe he got it from Paris!

You sure seem to be defending Super AID-ie sluts quite a bit. I wonder why...

Is there something you'd like to share???