Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Defense of Steve Liking the Prequels

Yes. That's Greenstreet in the Anakin Skywalker costume. This was published on the front page of the life section of the Daily Herald, circa May, 2005, a full six years after the release of Phantom Menace.

'Nuff said.


Bryan said...

You should add this pic to your IMDb profile.

For reals.

Steven said...

This was a great day. One of the funnest times ever.

Until Darth Vader went "Noooooooooooo....!"

Bryan said...

See how much enjoyment Star Wars is bringing us right now?

I'm laughing my balls off right now and it's all because of Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's about time some took a non-jaded, Gen-X, I'm-too-cool-and-legit, mature approach to the sextilogy. I'm thankful to hear that there are fans out there that can let the movies stand on their own as life-lessons.

Being a praciticing Christian, I concur with your "moral tale" approach to the movies. I don't equate it with Jesus' teachings...but it certainly gives a visual point-of-reference to a visual generation!

Cat Woman said...

You are SUCH a nerd Steve!