Monday, June 11, 2007

Front Paged

IMDb front paged "In Defense of the Star Wars Prequels."

It's down on their "hit list."


Modemstring said...

The article was terrible. The only discernable reason Bryan gave as to why the prequels were good is because he liked them (and maybe to justify the time wasted watching any movie 70 times). The only thing I can take from that is he must like crap. The Star Wars prequels replaced the charm, mystique, and energy of the first films and replaced them with poor acting, disjoined story telling, and painful one liners. This is a classic case of wanting a movie to be good that you re-write the definition of good so the movie fits.

I also have an issue with the “teaching your children lessons” from these movies. The main character is a lying, sniveling, backstabbing, murderous, whiny, bastard of some unimaginable entities. He doesn’t follow rules, laws, and commandments of the Jedi (his religion) and is deceitful about his actions. This is our hero? Do you want your children to be like Anakin? Even before he turns to the dark side, he is rash, full of anger, reckless, and deceitful—a real role model.

Son, this is a life lesson. That guy on the screen you think is so cool is really not how I want you growing up. Here is his lightsaber and action figure, go pretend to be him. Contrast this with Han Solo. Han is supposed to be a shady scoundrel, but he ends up saving a princess, assisting in blowing up the death star, and saving the galaxy from a ruthless empire. Han is loyal to his friends and his cause and is honest in his words and actions (if not his profession).

The prequels fail because of poor storytelling, poor performances, bad writing, and bad directing. The special effects are great, and that is all. Quit deluding yourself, Bryan.

Bryan said...
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Bryan said...

Well, the star wars movies, prequels included, taught me to have a lot less hate in my heart for them than you, Mr. Modemstring....

And this for a guy who's principle interests include WoW....

Modemstring said...

Let me get this straight. The Star Wars movies taught you to have less hate in your heart for the Star Wars movies? That doesn’t make any sense. Or did you mean that they taught you to have less hate in your heart, in general, than they taught me to have in my heart? It sounds to me like movies have a great influence on how you are as a person. Most of us learned right and wrong, love and hate, and good and evil from our parents and community, not from a fictional universe. Whether I have more “hate in my heart” than you isn’t related in any way to Star Wars.

Anyone who has seen anything 70 times is wasting their time. That goes beyond entertainment and beyond enjoyment. That is obsessive behavior, and reminds me of the neighbor kid with Asperger syndrome. I have no doubt that you enjoyed the prequels, but don’t make a fool of yourself by making claims that they are good because you like them. Give me a solid reason the movies are good besides the special effects. The characters are weak, the acting is atrocious, the plot is disjointed, and the writing is abysmal. “I just wish I could wish my feelings away.” “You’re breaking my heart.” “He’ll turn you into orange goo.”

My comment wasn’t about hate; it was about logic and reason. You put your thoughts into a public forum, and left a method for response. Try dealing with feedback in a rational, intellectual way.

Steven said...


Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you. Experience the true power of the dark side.

Daaaaaaaaark Siiiiiiide.

Anonymous said...

As i put it on the main page: "If they were 'every bit as engaging and amazing' don't you think that those would be qualities 'people' would 'realize'? Imagine if you'd said that back in 77: you walk out of the cinema with you buddy, you say 'that was great!' he replies 'that sucked!' If you say 'but don't you realize it was engaging and amazing?' is he really going to respond with 'oh, yeah. Good point. I suppose I didn't hate it.' "

to declare your love of Star Wars is one thing, to argue that they are classic based on anything other than their popularity is absurd.

let me quote me again: "The prequels were always going to be classic. For some they will be that unfortunate but impossible to forget footnote to greatness, for others, a grand entry into the world of Star Wars. but one thing will not change: your article will still be silly."