Saturday, June 09, 2007

Comic Book Recommendations

I don't often get on the blog here and rave about comic books, but there are a few comic book series that if you aren't reading them then you're missing out on something really, really special.

First up is Bill Willingham's Fables. Fables is a really well put together series that takes most of the worlds fairy tale characters and puts them in present day New York. You see, an adversary has taken over their homelands and a fortunate community has escaped. Well, they escaped a couple of centuries ago, but they're living in New York, hiding from the mundane world and hoping that one day they can launch a counter-attack to take back their home.

Old King Cole is the mayor of Fabletown, Snow White is his administrator and Bigby Wolf (AKA The Big Bad Wolf) is the sheriff. The first volume is written with tight noir beats and unfolds a compelling mystery. Volume two is where things get really good and the animalistic fables living on the farm plan a Communist revolt...

Eight Volumes of Fables are currently available, plus two side stories. They're really good and getting better. I've addicted most of the people around me to them and I'm hoping you'll find the same thing happening to you.

Next up is Robert Kirkman's Invincible. This book is probably the greatest Super-hero book in the Universe. It has all the best aspects of Superman and Spider-man all wrapped up into a nice neat creator owned book. I can't say enough good things about it. The writing is top notch and the art, drawn by fellow Utahn Ryan Ottley, is excellent.

It's a refreshing new take on Super-hero books and it's worth your time. And they've got two hardcover collections of issues out and a third on its way next month. The best part about the book though is that it takes its time in paying off all of the subplots that are constantly starting each month and every time a story wraps up, it's well worth the wait.

The book started when I still owned my comic-book store and I couldn't tell people to read it enough.

Last, but certainly not least, we have another Robert Kirkman book. This time it's his ode to zombies, The Walking Dead. The idea behind this book is that zombie movies are cool, but they never delve into the long term survival issues that one would hope to see. This is a zombie movie that never ends. This follows a rotating cast of characters and their continuing story of survival in a world over run by zombies. Kirkman is a master of tone and offers completely plausible, engaging and preposterously well-written characters who keep you guessing what they're going to do next. The great thing about the book though is that it manages to feel like this is really how things would be were zombies to attack.

It's emotional and violent and probably one of the best comic books being published today.

So, like I said, if you're not reading these series' then you're truly missing out on something. These are more than just comic books, these are works of literary mastery. I would hold these up to any number of classic literary works and conventions and they could stand toe-to-toe.


So, buy them and check them out.

(Also, everyone should read Nealfrom Leftwich's books, too. Also Pirate Club, which I help script.)

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