Thursday, January 11, 2007

Utah Senators Should Be Beaten With A Hammer

So, I go to lunch yesterday and there's a Salt Lake Tribune just chillin on the counter. I pick it up and read the front page headlines.

Top of the page:

"UTAH SENATORS STAND BY BUSH" After a sneak preview of the new Iraq plan, Hatch and Bennett have nice things to say.

Right under that (like 2 inches):

Bomb-dismantling squadron leader calls fatal blast 'catastrophic'.

Those three deaths were of Utah soldiers in Iraq. They blew up. One of these soldiers was Elizabeth Loncki, age 23. Here's her picture. She's dead now. And probably in pieces.

Senator Orrin Hatch, kool-aid drinker and cult member, said, "Retreat is not an option." As if he's fuckin' Charles Bronson or something.

Senator Bob Bennett said, "This (Iraq Plan) appears to be the best way to move in this situation and we'll wait and see if it produces success."

"WE'LL WAIT AND SEE"?!?!?!?!?!

With all due respect, Senator Bennett, but fuck you.

And fuck you, Orrin Hatch. You're both a disgrace to logic and reason and to the lives of those being lost senselessly in Iraq.

Orrin Hatch can play "Book Of Mormon Stories" with his eyes closed AND has "nice things to say" about the war in Iraq.


Clover said...

You never have to scroll to the bottom of a post to know that it's poor steve greenstreet. It's too bad for Bryan, because he almost always has well thought out posts and comes across with credibility and sounds like an adult. Not so for steve.

My advice for Steven? Stay off Bryan's blog for a while and quit stinking up the place.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Yeah, and Bryan's "well thought out posts" are the ones with all the comments from people like you? No, all you chowder heads post comments under MY posts!

I notice you didn't post any comments under Bryan's recent posts.

Clover, thanks for the advice, but this blog is open for everyone. We never want to tell someone to "stay off".

We do, however, condone the verbage of telling someone to "fuck off". Which is what I say to you.

clover said...

You don't wave and shout "thanks" to every good driver on the road, but you do have to honk and give the bird occasionally when people really you.

Bryan's posts are generally quite good and that's why I enjoy reading this blog every so often. It's not necessary to chime in and congratulate him every time I agree with him. In fact, I don't have my own blog, and I rarely post. Not everyone has to.

I did, however, feel the need to respond to your drivel, because you are seriously ruining Bryan's blog.

Steven Greenstreet said...

That's not why you respond to me.

You respond to me because you love it.

And you know it.

But if you really feel pissed off about my unique style of blog posting, then start a petition or stage a protest or something gay like that.

And I'll write a post about it.

Steven Greenstreet said...

And another thing, I don't even NOTICE the good drivers on the road. I don't even know they exist.

But I do notice the assholes who are fucking things up.

And you admitted that you do as well.

Which is why you've only commented on my posts, Clover. Just mine.

That is good.

Bryan said...

Although Steven's posts even rub me the wrong way sometimes, I always find them entertaining.

And I have to back Steve up on the "Who the hell is Karel Donk" front.

I mean, is there really a monopoly on whose idea it is that Bush is a jackass?

clover said...

You may want to lay off the cough medicine so you can understand simple things such as:
1. your posts stink
2. I don't think anyone is pissed off about the fact that your posts stink, it's just that somebody had to state the obvious that you stink up Bryan's blog.
3. Even though I wasn't pissed about it, I did petition you to lay low for a while so this blog could freshen up in your absence. Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already done it (and I guess you've already written a stinky post about it, so we can move on)
4. Um, yeah, the assholes on the road can really draw attention to themselves and sometimes need a slap in the face...that was my point...not sure what yours was (cough medicine got to ya?)

Bryan, am I missing an inside joke about Bush being a jackass and Karl Donk? (Karl Rove?)

Steven Greenstreet said...


I'll never stop. Ever.

You'll just have to continue losing sleep over it.


clover said...

No, you'll stop. you'll grow up someday, and you'll stop.

Steven Greenstreet said...

Ok. You just keep checking the blog to see if I stop.

Just keep checking...


p.s. Let's be friends? Who are you?

Duckie Butters said...


Welcome to the blog!

I see that you and I share similar ideas about this blog.

Which are in short:

Bryan KICKS ASS and Steve SUCKS ASS!

Hey SUCK ASS, go get your own blog and quit screwing up Bryan's blog.

Bryan spends way too much time on his posts to have you come around and crap all over the place!


clover said...

who am I? Sorry Steven, I don't give guys my number in public, and I certainly won't open the door for some pervert to bother me online.

let's wait until you're at least 21 and you grow up a bit, and then we'll see.

Steven Greenstreet said...

I just wanted to know who you were. Like, a name for instance.

Let's practice: "Oh, hi. I'm Steven."

But, whatever. You sound like someone who's never "opened the door" to anyone.

Maybe, that why you're all mad and pissy.

Or maybe it's all the sand in your vagina.

One of the two.

seven to one said...

you sure know a lot about sand in one's vagina. How did you get the sand out of your vagina, and what steps do you take to keep the sand out of your vagina? Or, do you have perma-sand in your vagina? This info might be good to know if someone else ever gets sand in their vagina, and you seem to have the experience to share.

wembly said...

Steven plagiarized his vagina.

Stenar said...

I thought it was ironic that clover felt the need to "honk and give the bird" metaphorically to Steven for his post when that's what Steven was doing to Senator Nutcake Hatch and Senator Not-from-Earth Bennett.

wembly said...

Stenar plagiarized his haircut from Footloose.