Tuesday, January 02, 2007

J. Michael Straczynski Update

I went over to the message board dealie and, as per Jan's instructions, posted a question over there, so we'll see if it gets responded to, I'll let everyone know. My message was as follows:
"This Divided State" was on the list and I'm curious what you thought about it...

I'm the producer/assistant director and everything else on it and I was at your writing seminar at Comic-Con (I asked you how to get an agent, I already had stuff at WMA, CAA, etc. and you sarcastically told me to get the hell out, that I didn't need anything from you).

Had I known you knew about our little film I'd have tried to catch you and ask you about it then.

I posted up a post about this on the films official blog as well, if you care to check it out...


I'd love to pick your brain about the film (or film in general) for five minutes if you were interested.

Bryan Young
This Divided State
Also, in a bizarre coincidence: according to the IMDb, JMS (as he seems to be known on the internets) and I share a birthday. I was beginning to think David Hasslehoff was the only other person in film born on July 17th. And before you say Hasslehoff wasn't in any films, let me remind you that he was once Nick Fury: Agent of Shield.

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