Thursday, January 04, 2007

Barack Obama

I think Barack Obama could make a good next president.

Personally, I really like the guy. his speech at the last Democratic Convention was, to put it mildly, electric. He seems like a decent man with a good head on his shoulders. He's soft spoken and has had no problems in admitting mistakes (even if those mistakes include having done blow.)

I read his editorial in the Washington Post today and it gives me hope that the next generation of lawmakers have a chance to help fix things.

And, if you notice, Barack Obama doesn't seem to talk like other politicians. I've never got the impression from the man that he was capable of double-speaking his positions. He just seems so sincere and likable. Those are important qualities in a political environment based on TV appearances. He's like a young, black, Jack Kennedy. And instead of having to jump the religion hurdle, like Kennedy did, he'll have to jump the race hurdle.

I just hope that either Barack Obama or someone like him can make it to the stage of Presidential Candidacy. I mean, as much as I'm probably going to vote for a third party, a third party isn't going to win. No matter how much I'd like Ralph Nader to be president, it's not going to happen. So the best I can hope for is people to nominate a seemingly stand-up act like Barack Obama.

Who knows.

Maybe he can do it. Maybe he won't. Maybe he's just another politician who says whatever he can to get where he wants. Maybe not. I don't get that impression.

But I could be wrong.


Stenar said...

Hillary Clinton will be our next president.

Steven Greenstreet said...

I don't see Hillary even getting the Dem's nomination. I think Barack Obama has a great shot based soley on character. Americans are looking for someone to restore the dignity of the White House. Barack has that. Hillary has a ton of baggage in that department.

Pimp Daddy said...

We've had a cokehead in the office before (Clinton and possibly Bush) so it seems that Obama is ready for primetime.

Anonymous said...

Obama has my vote. I've read both of his books now and seen him speak. Very impressed

Stenar said...

Hillary Clinton is a political mastermind and you greatly underestimate her. ;)