Tuesday, January 02, 2007

J. Michael Straczynski

This is an odd bit of news here.

I don't know how many of you know who J. Michael Straczynski is, but he created and wrote the brunt of the Babylon 5 series and written a number of top notch comics (Supreme Power, The Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, etc.). I really like his work in comics (I actually haven't seen Babylon 5 although it's been highly recommended to me repeatedly) and so when I had the opportunity to go to a writing seminar he was holding at Comic-Con I had to go. Whenever I'm at events like that I always have to go to the screenwriting seminars just to see if there is anything about anyone else's method that I can learn from. In Vancouver, I went to a presentation Neil LaBute did, in High School I did three weekends of training under Orson Scott Card in lecture format... Needless to say I like that sort of thing.

Anyhow, I went to J. Michael Straczynki's and explained to him where I was professionally as a screenwriter and he told me, sarcastically, to get the hell out of there, I didn't need anything from him, I sounded like I was doing just fine already.

He led an interesting seminar, but it would have been twice as interesting if I would have known this.

He posted to his message board system the movies he owns and counted among them is "This Divided State."

I could have had a much more interesting and in-depth conversation with him had I known he was a fan of our work. (Maybe he's not a fan, maybe someone gave it to him and he hasn't seen it and doesn't care to, who am I to guess?)

I guess you just never know.

I would ask him what he thought about it, but apparently you have to be some type of hip member or something to comment.



Jan said...

No, you don't have to be a "hip member", but the newsgroup where JMS posts is moderated. When you post for the first time, you'll automatically get a form in email with the rules that you need to agree to and return (therefore it needs to be a valid email). For the first twenty posts or so you'll be on hand moderation which will cause a small delay in your posts showing up but moderation usually is done several times a day. You can post to the newsgroup via Google Groups and the newsgroup is rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated

JMS doesn't answer every question but does answer quite a number. I remember your question at the writing seminar.

Nate Dredge said...

JMS is pretty awesome.