Sunday, January 21, 2007


Steve and I have been having meetings and parties and stuff up at Sundance last night and today.

Posting will adjust accordingly on Monday.

With pictures from this weekend, too.


SteveDance 06 said...

SteveDance 07!!!

Will there be pictures of scarves and crappy Avon Sunglasses???

it's about time you started posting comedy again!!!

Bryan said...

I'm sure there will be pictures, we've taken plenty of them.

Steven Greenstreet said...

I was wearing a nice pair of Prada glasses. I"ll see if I can post some pics for you guys!

stevedance 06 said...


Maybe THIS will be the year!

(remember during Sundance last year when you tipped your avon glasses back on your head and told us that throngs of investors were going to give you millions of dollars to make movies? and remember how you told us that "man, THIS is going to be the year?" And remember how this really wasn't the year, 'cause remember how all you really did was some grunt work on a made for tv movie? Well, maybe THIS is going to be the year!)

Now we just need to see the photos, so post them please!

Steven Greenstreet said...

Stevedance 06, what exactly did YOU achieve in 2006?

Seriously, tell us all, cuz I'm sure it's laughable.

You'll get no pictures until you tell us. You're gonna have to beg for 'em.

Jack Tripper said...

Stevedance 06,

Steven Greenstreet does not generally like posting photos of himself anymore ever since the wall eye expose.

If he isn't wearing his Prada designer sunglasses then he will have to photoshop his left eye back into the correct position in each and every photo. That could take hours to finish!

stevedance 06 said...

What did I achieve, Steven?

Well, I got a raise and a promotion at work, and they'll pay for my MBA. I got a mug that says #1 Dad, so you can't argue with that. My wife and I are stronger than ever after almost seven years, and heaven knows that is no small feat.

So, not such a bad year. I wish I made a cool movie, but my subject matter stunk (what YOU achieved in 2006)

Steven Greenstreet said...

stevedance 06,

i didn't hear any begging so the Prada pics aren't going up yet. just keep me posted when you're ready to suck my cock for 'em.

or when your wife is ready.

by the way, does your wife know that you're screen name is "stevedance"? and that you're always obsessively writing about me?

are you sure she isn't doing the same thing?

cuz i think maybe she is.

maybe i'll post THOSE pics.

stevedance 06 said...

my wife and I have been obsessing over those photos and the possibility of more for a long time. (so funny!)

You should sue borat, because you were taking pictures of yourself looking like a poser dumbass long before his movie came out. I have to say, your costume of scarves and Mary Kate and Ashley sunglasses is funny funny funny!

as for your oral sex offer, no thanks. I'm not gay. You and your friends do whatever you want to, but please don't post THOSE pics.

by the way, have you checked out
Funny funny funny!

Steven said...

I know, it's classic. Here's some more blogs for you to leer at:

Check 'em out. You'll love 'em. Trust me.

Cuz they're all about me.