Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who Killed the Electric Car?

It's a good question. It has a complex answer and in order to get the answer, you need to see the film. I saw it today and it was very good.

My brother and I drove up to Salt Lake City because we had to pick someone up at the airport and decided to see the film up there beforehand (because it isn't playing anywhere in Utah County) and we accidentally picked the matinee that the Salt Lake Film Center had chosen for an event. So, in attendance were SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson and Orrin Hatch's opponent Pete Ashdown.

The film was quite informative and frustrating to no end. It wasn't as doomsaying as the recent "An Inconvenient Truth" but it was still enough to have you clutching your arm rests in frustration the entire time.

It outlines plenty and I want to harp about all of it and how much the Bush administration is culpable in the stupidity causing this preposterous switch to hydrogen fuel cells, but you should see the movie anyway.

It's very short and taught, the narration was generally unobtrusive, the filmmaker only makes two brief appearances and the facts are shocking.

It really does want to make you do something.

A perfect double feature for action would be this and "An Inconvenient Truth" on the same bill.

You'd certainly have a hopping mad audience by the end of the second feature.

(Note: In reading up on the film, I noticed that GM posted this up and is sponsoring the link on Google.)

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