Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hatch at it again

In his continuing effort to devolve his political campaign into a case of "vote for me or die," Utah Senator Orrin Hatch tied an increase in Democrats into an increase in terror attacks. (In the same article, Dick "We're all gonna die" Cheney does the same thing.) You can read about it here.

Hatch says he doesn't remember saying it, but his spokesperson offers a direct quote from Hatch which is tantamount to the same thing.

According to the article, this isn't the first time Hatch has used such preposterous tactics, quoting him from a 2004 Washington Post article where he said, "Terrorists are going to throw everything they can between now and the election to try and elect Kerry."

Why would someone of any party want someone so clearly partisan and divisive representing them? It doesn't take someone with very much intelligence to realize that a political candidate that says, "If you vote for my opponent then, most likely, terrorists will attack again," is obviously a pompous windbag trying desperately to stay in office.

Pete Ashdown said the senator continuously goes too far. The comment "is a further example of the demonization and the divisiveness Senator Hatch uses to win campaigns."

It's true.

When are people going to realize it?

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It's baffling to me that people don't seem to understand how bad Hatch is for them. (Or Even Sen. Bennett who, during his last campaign, promised to work to lower the minimum wage and still won handily.) Orrin Hatch is personally doing damage to this country, not just by spewing rhetoric as vile as this "Democrats = Terror" business, but with his dealings in the senate. He's one more vote that keeps us in Iraq. He's one more vote that keeps us away from raising the minimum wage. He's one more vote from Universal Health Care. He's one more vote that keeps us from being great as a nation again. He's one vote closer to the stifling of free speech and human rights.

He might be a wonderful and congenial person. I'm sure he's the nicest guy in the world. But the fact of the matter is this: He's a horrible politician entrenched in the "K Street" style corruption of politics that are hurting America. If he lasts any longer, the damage to our country might be irreparable.

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