Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bush in SLC

I just wanted to point a couple of things out.

First: This pictures above. These are pictures of a protest of George Bush. They weren't taken in New York. They weren't taken in Berkeley. They weren't taken in Los Angeles. They were taken in Salt Lake City. The reddest of the red states. And there were massive protests against George Bush.

It is certainly indicitive of the shift in public opinion on the war.

Even the headlines and editorial pages of local conservative papers have been filled with headlines like: Rice, Rumsfeld deliver equally deluded visions (SL Tribune), Unsuccessful mission: Bush fails to sell war: A year since his last visit, even Utahns are increasingly skeptical about U.S. odds of success in Iraq (SL Tribune), SLC Mayor: Bush is the worst president in history (KUTV news (this site also has video of the marches and Rocky's speech)), and so on. A simple google news search of the words "Bush Salt Lake" yields thousands of results like these.

This is Utah.

See? We're not all morally bankrupt war mongers. (click link below to read more...)

In other news about opponents of the morally bankrupt, Pete Ashdown held a charity dinner in direct response to Orrin Hatch's $500-a-plate campaign fundraiser. Ashdown's event raised almost $10,000 for charity (non of it going to his campaign). Hatch's dinner, on the other hand, will benefit his campaign to the tune of an estimated $100,000. The way Ashdown is running his campaign is the way I think campaigns should be run.

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