Monday, August 07, 2006

War Bonds

So, I was doing some thinking about how we're going to pay for our blunder in Iraq. (Literally, not figuratively.)

Then I got to thinking, what about War Bonds? They did swell in WWII. That's how we paid for the war. People sacrificed what money they had and loaned it to Uncle Sam for a cause that was greater than themselves.

Then I got to thinking... Why don't we sell War Bonds to all of the conservatives who think the war is a good idea. That way, they can put their money where their mouth is and really support the war.

Then I got to researching and I found that they already have war bonds for the "global war on terror." (The whole war on terror thing still makes no sense to me. That means that literally anyone can be a terrorist if they decide to use a terror tactic, from threatening a country to do something or face military reprisal (Bush's tactic in Iraq) to the rebels fighting in 3rd world countries, the Bush administration has declared war on them all.)

Then I really got to thinking. Why haven't we heard about this? Why hasn't Bush made impassioned pleas on the airwaves for everyone to pitch in and pay their patriotic duty the way we did in World War II? Why isn't there a modern day Abbot and Costello team, travelling across the country asking Americans to do the same for the war effort?


I don't know.

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Kevin said...

My guess is that the Saudis and China are pretty much willing to buy the bonds as fast as the US can print. I don't know why we would need to waste a lot of money on a war bond campaign.