Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Sorry about the lack of posts, I've gotten busy again. I've been heavy into another round of editing on "The Fleapit Three" and trying to put together a day of reshoots and pickups. The more we shape it in the editing room, the more excited I am about showing it to people.

I've also been doing a shitload of writing. A number of pitches for various projects, I wrote a couple of issues of a comic book, I've written some shorts, I've been working on a couple of short film scripts and still chugging along with 2-5 pages a day on my novel.

So, it's not anything personal that I haven't been posting with as much frequency as I like, I just truly am busy.

So, I'll try to come back and post tonight.

In the meantime, I wanted everyone to know that I've been invited to be an admin on the UVSC Democrats Blog that can be found here. We're going to be working on ousting Orrin Hatch and getting Pete Ashdown elected.

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