Monday, August 28, 2006


I would like to know what everyone is doing for Wednesday's protest. I'm still working out arrangements so I can be up there, but I'd like to know where the cool kids are going to be hanging out.


Let me know.

And thanks for the spirited religious debate. It's been really thought provoking.


Bevan said...

Does anyone remember when steve was bragging about how he was the CEO of this new company? Well, I guess that didn't last 'cause I just met a person who works with him at his new job in Sandy. They said he acts like he way too cool for everyone and he's getting on his boss's nerves.

I had a good laugh over that one.

bevan said...

I forgot to mention that they said that he's constantly talking about himself to everyone telling them the same stuff over and over. Everyone's like "We get it Steve, you're a filmmaker, we know you told us that allready.

vsevan said...

What company was he the CEO of? What job is he working on in Sandy? And why do you care so much at 2:30AM?

Bryan said...

He's the CEO of

Steve would have to tell you the details about his job in sandy. as far as I know it's just an editing job.

Son of Stenar said...

I'll bet that little queer-boy Greenstreet wears gay sunglasses and fruity leather pants as he sits in his cubicle at his new job.

What a FAG!

steven said...

I am the CEO of a Music company, I'm just working this other job because I like keepin' it real. I don't need the money because someone is giving me 2.5 million dollars to do my next project.

I am not a gay, but you are a doosh.