Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We need to be done

I read this in the news today and the things that are going on in Iraq are enough to make one cringe in disgust. It looks like the soldiers responsible for the Haditha massacre might finally see some justice. The problem is, we also need to hold those accountable who put them in that position.

There's a wealth of other information about the crazy shit that's going on there, too.

I read in this article in Newsweek that said the first soldiers in Fallujah came in on horseback and on chariots in togas. The Newsweek article also has a good rundown on some of the information about what is known and what is in question about the Haditha massacre.

It seems as though this conflict has turned into what Vietnam was in the closing hours of the war. It's like Apocolypse Now.

It boggles the mind that shit like this actually happens.

I really sort of feel like we just need to get the hell out of there. It's obvious we're not doing any good, our goals are flawed (we need a Federated Iraq, not a Unified one), we're killing copious amounts of civilians and we're inflaming the region and fanning the flames.

We are losing in Iraq and thusly we are losing the entire middle east.

And we're probably not doing much in the war on "terror." (Which doesn't make sense anyway. How can you have a war against a tactic?)

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