Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Radio West

Joe Vogel, one of the principal players in the events that unfolded in "This Divided State" was on KUER's Radio West with Doug Fabrizio today. Steve also made a brief appearance at the tail end of the show.

You can download it here or you can listen to it again when it is rebroadcast on FM 90.1 at 7:00 pm tonight.

It was a very good hour of radio and I would suggest you all listen to it.

Also, I should give you a heads up, apparently, "This Divided State" is still playing all over Free Speech TV. So. There's your chance to go see it for free.

(on a sidenote: I don't know if it was the overwhelming presence of comments spoiled me, but their sudden disappearance has made me feel a little like this blog has become irrelevant. Let me know if you're still reading or if I'm just less interesting.)


Duckie Butters said...


Keep up the good work!

Your pal,


Duckie Butters said...


I listened to the Joe Vogel interview which was quite good.

But what was the deal with Steven's desperate call in at the end? The lights have gone down and the curtain has closed and now he's trying to get a free media ride on the coat tails of Joe Vogel?

I thought he was an invited guest on the show not some crummy caller shamelessly plugging his video.

What a parasite he is!


Bryan said...

They actually called him. They were just running out of time.

Jack Tripper said...

Gee, they had an hour to call him. Maybe they forgot about him.

Duckie, It's like anybody who takes themselves too seriously around here has packed up and gone home. It's just down to Bryan, you, me and the Manager in Charge.

Maybe we should all start a book club or perhaps a lunch group.

We could meet at one of those Wal Marts that has the McDonald's inside.

Man, I love this country, Walmart and McDonald's a match made in heaven!




The Manager in Charge sends his love too!