Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alice Cooper

Usually, I leave the posts about music, bands and the state of the industry to the Steve Greenstreets, Elias Pates and Neal Shaffers of the world but I read an article in the Salt Lake City Weekly that I thought was an excellent essay about Alice Cooper and what he believes the state of the industry is.

Here is the link.

I think it's a good read. It's a very well written piece if you ask me and I think the thesis of Coopers argument is excellent. I actually sort of agree with it.

Read it and let me know what you guys think.

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morton hurley said...

Nice essay. I have to agree with the author's assessment of Alice, but I think he takes it a bit too far with giving Alice so much credit for "breaking" shock rock to the masses.

Wasn't Zappa the one who pushed the Alice Cooper group to do more with their sound?

BTW: Have you seen the DVD of "Nice to see you again Alice"?