Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I was going to put together a comic-con report last night but I ended up doing something altogether different.

My son, Anakin, busted his head open pretty good and needed stitches.

Just so you know I'm not making up some bullshit excuse about not writing up some con coverage, here's all the gory pictures:

He busted his head open on a couch.
It was a bit traumatic for all involved. When I found him he was literally covered in blood head to toe. All of these pictures were taken after the Hospital staff cleaned him up.

I Imagine it will leave a pretty gnarly scar.

At the end of the procedure, he was seven stitches richer and raring to go.


The Silent Observer said...

Poor guy! He looks like he took it all in stride, though.

skawners said...

you sure hit him hard!

neal s said...

Best wishes, my man. Looks like it was quite a ride, and I hope he's well.

Good seeing you out in SD.


Anonymous said...

you named your son Anakin?!?

Bryan said...

Yes. And my daughter's name is Scout.