Saturday, July 08, 2006

Orrin Hatch is Sketchy

Well, I got more info from Pete Ashdown about how dodgy Orrin Hatch is.

Everyone should spread this around. This guy is so sketchy. I wonder how much play this will get in Utah. I wonder if the voters around here will even care that Orrin Hatch is clearly corrupt.

This is what Pete Ashdown had to say:

Dallas AustinA few weeks ago I told you of the Green River family that is being deported due to snafus in the legal immigration system. If you recall, Senator Hatch's spokesperson stated that having the Senator intercede in a case is reserved for "Life or death situations." Apparently losing the life you've built in Utah for 16 years, legally, doesn't qualify.

Today I received news of another "life or death situation" that apparently does qualify. Apparently if you're a rich music producer with a penchant for cocaine and you're dumb enough to bring it into Dubai, then Utah's senior senator will pull your ass out of the fire.

I'm all for a sensible drug policy in the United States. I think its good to help out Americans in tough international situations. Mr. Austin is a resident of Atlanta and last time I checked, Georgia has two senators as well. Why Mr. Austin deserves multiple phone calls on behalf of Utah's senior senator and the Sah's in Green River do not is the question every Utahn should be asking today.

Senator Hatch believes that Mr. Austin will "learn his lesson" from this experience. One must wonder who campaigned for President in 2000 criticizing President Clinton's failure to be tough on drug use and calling for expanded drug enforcement and funds for additional juvenile jails.

Seniority for Utah or seniority for Hollywood?

Basically, what's going on is that Orrin Hatch won't make phone calls on behalf of good, honest , hard working people in Utah who need his help, but it's no big thing at all for him to make a number of phone calls if it might help a coked out record producer.

What an example of a despicable human being.

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