Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

This Fourth of July I've spent quite a bit of time contemplating the issue of Flag Burning. Orrin Hatch seems to feel that this is one of the most pressing issues of the day. I disagree.

I truly believe that flag burning is protected speech, especially as a political statement. Why would those dissatisfied with the way the country is doing things have a valid protest squelched, while cheerleaders for terror are still allowed to subjugate the symbol into clothing and beach chairs and towels and the like?

I think a problem worse than flag burning is people profiting from placing the flag on every bit of kitschy shit and every item of clothing.

Which is honestly more offensive?

This legitimate political protest?

Or this:

A girl using a chain mail flag to cover her genitals?

Or this:A company making work gloves with the flag on them.

Or this:

This is an "America" ashtray. An ashtray...

Which is more offensive? Using the flag for legitimate protests? Or for cheap financial gain from saps who are too dumb to realize how truly stupid it is to wear American flags as gloves or to toss their ashes in an American Flag ash tray?

My vote is that even though it all might be in poor taste, it's not the government's place to say you can't do it. It isn't hurting anyone.

The Supreme Court said that it's protected speech, sensible human beings believe it's protected speech. My vote is let sleeping dogs lie.

Shame on you Senator Hatch.

Happy Fourth everyone else.


Cliff said...

Interesting enough, the Salt Lake Tribune had an article today about the issue of making clothing out of flags, and it turns out its already illegal, but rarely enforced. I expect Hatch to get on this right away. Wait, he's in favor of it. My bad.

John said...

Is this a trick question? Cuz I'm totally down with the chain mail undies.

Colleen said...

I saw dish sponges in the store yesterday that looked like little flags, so people scrub thier dirty casserole dishes with them. How can anyone pretend the flag means anything?