Monday, July 10, 2006

More about Orrin Hatch

I just wanted to help shine some light on this situation. I blogged about it here, but no one seems to have noticed (some of my posts seem to have that problem) . Last month, Pete Ashdown posted this on his blog and has been trying to find out why Orrin Hatch hasn't responded to a situation in which immigrants in Utah that have been going through the legal migration system and are still facing deportation after 16 years.

Here's the article about the Sahs.
I don't know if they've been deported or not yet. (Interesting sidenote to the story: I've actually met them. I spent ten hours waiting for a bus in the lobby of one of their hotels. They were terribly nice and understanding. Our car broke down on the way to Denver and we had to take a bus(this was 1999, for the first Star Wars celebration). They let us hang out in the lobby the entire time.)

These people, who are obviously good and law abiding citizens can be helped immensly by a phone call or two by Orrin Hatch.

What's he so busy doing?

Making phone calls on behalf of coked out record producers.

It's beyond beleif why none of the media outlets have picked up on this very troubling situation.

I just want to shine some more light on it and I hope that maybe some of you who read this will do two things:

1) Call Hatchs office ((202) 224-5251 (D.C.) - (801) 524-4380(SLC) - (801) 375-7881 (Provo)) and ask why the Senator thought it was the right thing to do to intervene on behlaf of a recording producer in the instance of a drug-related charge and not on behalf of the Sahs.


2) Give Pete Ashdown's campaign another look and see if there is anything in your power you can do to help him unseat Orrin Hatch.

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Anonymous said...

I know something that pete ashdown can do to beat Hatch. He can gchange political parties. It would be nice to see a democrat beat hatch but it won't happen here in utah. I do think that ashdown will present a good challenge to hatch but he will never beat him!