Friday, July 28, 2006

Comic-Con Report: Day Two: Friday

The first thing we did on Friday was the panel for Hellboy: Sword of Storms. It looked really, really cool. There was about five minutes (give or take a few) shown and it consisted of Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman taking down zombies with little success and Hellboy battling a giant bat demon sort of thing. It seemed like it was either from the climax of the film or a tease for the very beginning. Although the animation wasn't the same as Mignola's signature style (like the Amazing Screw on Head was) but the animation was well done. The voices were all pitch perfect (they employed most of the films cast, so that was a no brainer.)

This film is supposed to be playing on Cartoon Network and then coming out on DVD. Those at the panel also said that they have a number of other Hellboy movies planned.

Also, the floating Japanese demon heads are in this picture. There is also a monster who has a dish of water on his head and he loses his power if he loses the water. They showed designs and they looked good, despite the goofiness of it.

After collecting a free t-shirt from this panel, I went to a number of smaller informative industry panels and networked in the exhibition hall for a while before I headed back to Hall H in time to see the tail end of Neil Gaimans presentation for Stardust. All of that was wrapped up, but he unveiled the logo for Zemeckis' Beowulf.

He also said that Beowulf would be animated with the same process that Polar Express was, only it was waaaaaaay better now.

So, apparently, Zemeckis has gotten into a rut of only animated films.

After this panel was over, the cast of Accepted came out and ran the trailer for the film. The film doesn't look all that interesting to me. Lewis Black had this to say, "Shut the fuck up. If you like this movie, tell people. If not, shut the fuck up. I'm too old to be get more chances so shut the fuck up if you don't like it."

They also announced a free kegger that they organized across the street from the convention center. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. Had I partaken of their free beer I certainly would have felt obligated to see their movie.

They were on the stage for all of five minutes.

Next was the "Star Wars" spectacular. As much as I love Star Wars, there's only so much I can hear about the same five projects on the horizon. Yes, Indiana Jones 4 is still in the script writing stage. Yes, there is a Star Wars CGI cartoon coming. Yes, it's set during the Clone Wars. Yes, there is a live action show coming after that. Yes, it's set between Episodes III and IV. Yes, there are new Star Wars games coming out. Yes, Star Wars made it's premiere at Comic-con 30 years ago.

The only things that I hadn't seen before at the panel were the technology demonstrations for the next-gen Lucasarts games (which looked badass) and the opening crawl text for A New Hope before it said Episode IV: A New Hope.

And there was that same dorky ass-hole who got up and started arguing with Steve Sansweet about how George Lucas wasn't the director on Empire or Jedi and how dare he fuck with them.

Never in my life have I wanted to smash a guy's skull in. Not only is Sansweet the wrong guy to ask, no one, in a million years, could ever argue that the Star Wars movies aren't almost exclusively George's. Even if you hate it, you have to admit, the blame lays squarely with George.

I don't know. That kid was just an ignorant asshole. I bet he's in film school.

The Snakes on a Plane panel was next. I wasn't able to stay, I met up with Neal Shaffer for some beers and some talking about projects, but my little brothers stayed. They showed 10 minutes of the movie and I'm told it looks exactly like the trailer does. This film is not going to be any deeper than Sam Jackson dealing with Snakes. On a Plane. My brothers did say, though, that Sam Jackson was probably one of the coolest cats they'd ever seen.

I'll see if I can get some type of guest post from my little brother about this panel.

As far as One Plus One goes, we're still shopping it around and have come up with an all new blitz for it that we are very excited about.

Today's post was a little shorter than yesterdays and will be waaaaaay shorter than tomorrows. Saturday was when I saw all the shit. (I spent almost two hours learning at the feet of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarentino.)

So, be back for tomorrow for: 300, Grindhouse, Prince Caspian, Pirates of the Carribean 3, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3 and Kevin Smith.

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