Saturday, July 15, 2006

Letter to the Editor

I was so outraged by what Orrin Hatch had done (and failed to do) in so far as those phone calls last week that I started writing letters to newspapers. Here is the one that the Daily Herald printed:

I have been disappointed with the mainstream media's lack of coverage of the hypocrisy shown in the phone calls Orrin Hatch made on behalf of the record producer Dallas Austin but has failed to mention the lack of phone calls made by either him or his office on behalf of Utahns that truly needed his help.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported in June about a family in Green River, who had been pleading with the senator's office for a phone call on their behalf. They had spent 16 years as legal immigrants and upstanding, business-owning citizens in Utah and faced deportation.

Their lawyers said that a phone call from Hatch would help them stay in the country and his office told this family that the senator only makes phone calls in "life or death" situations. This is disgusting.

Hatch's political opponent, Pete Ashdown, has spoken about it briefly on his campaign blog, I followed suit on the official "This Divided State" blog, and I would hope that the Daily Herald do what it can to help shine a light on this gross example of Hatch's inconsistency and hypocrisy.

Bryan Young,


This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A10

It would be cool if someone other than me wrote some letters like this during the campaign about the various stupid things Orrin Hatch has been up to.

You never know. People can only be lied to by hucksters like this for so long.

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