Thursday, March 23, 2006

Utah Politics in the News

I just wanted to point to a couple of articles in the local news here that would be worth reading.

One article backs up (sort of) a previous rant of mine about the price of natural gas.

The other is about Orrin Hatch's speech at UVSC yesterday. The more I hear about what this man says, the more I know that he is crazy. Even BYU's write-up of the speech painted him as a complete nut-job (well, any article portyaing any truth should). I can't believe that he continues to force his flag burning ammendment on people. Why do we need a flag-burning ammendment? Why do we need to ammend our Constitution to stifle freedom of speech and expression?

Yes, burning an American flag in most cases is probably a dick thing to do, but it shouldn't be illegal. It should just be reserved for the most harsh of statements and criticisms of the government (or Boy Scouts retiring flags).

A freedom of any expression, no matter how vulgar, is a cornerstone of our democracy. Once he eliminates flag-burning, what's next? Naughty words and porn? This is a slippery slope and we need to do our best to get this guy out of office before he does any more damage.

And his rants about activist judges...Get a new harp, man.

You should all read that piece about Hatch and then take the time to go visit Pete Ashdown's website and do what you can to get in on his campaign to bring Hatch down.

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