Thursday, March 30, 2006

Orrin Hatch and Immigration Reform

I've been following the Immigration debate and it didn't surprise me that Orrin Hatch voted against the Senate Judiciary committee's proposed Immigration legislation. He did so by using a tool that was talked about in the editorial in the Times I told everyone to read from yesterday. Hell, even George Will, conservative fruitcake, is behind the idea of this legislation to a degree.

Hatch said, falsly, that this bill grants amnesty, which he thinks is wrong. He added that "it would hurt small businesses." How? I don't know. I couldn't find an article or transcript where he elaborated. (I didn't look terribly hard though.)

If the Senate doesn't figure out how to deal with this issue before the end of the legislative session and becomes a big election issue, Pete Ashdown has a chance to pin Hatch to the mat on this issue.

It's a matter of framing the debate. If Ashdown can frame the debate in the same way his fellow Democrats and the mostly sane Republicans are doing then he could easily take this issue to the people of Utah. We have a high immigrant population here, as well. If he could energize their vote, it would be a good thing. It's no trick to explain to people how this legislation is fair and balanced, this could be a big issue for Democrats in general.

This is also a compassion issue. People want to see actual Christian candidates. How much more Christian can you get than offering help to the under-priveleged and the poor... the tired huddled masses...?

I could write a rousing speech for a candidate in support of this legislation for a stump speech and it would be beautiful. I want to see Pete Ashdown's people doing the same. I want to see Orrin Hatch out of office.

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Matthew said...

I agree, Orrin Hatch is a douche. He is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen.